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VETS: STORIES OF SERVICE is a WGCU series that annually honors Southwest Florida veterans. The series kicked off in 2015 featuring vets from WWII. In 2016, veterans from the Korean War are profiled. In 2017, veterans from the Vietnam War will share their stories, in their own words. The following years, WGCU will shine the spotlight on vets from the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan.

Each half-hour television documentary features interviews with five local men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces as they share their often harrowing and emotional personal experiences of these conflicts. The programs will be broadcast on WGCU-TV each year, to coincide with Memorial Day. Radio stories featuring the same veterans will air on WGCU-FM Wednesdays in June during Morning Edition and All Things considered.

To watch and listen to more stories from veterans collected by public media stations in Florida, visit Florida Stories of Service.

VIETNAM VETS: Stories of Service
Forty-two years after the Vietnam War was officially declared as ended, five Southwest Florida veterans share their remarkable stories of service. This long and costly, armed conflict began in 1954 following the rise to power of Ho Chi Minh and his communist Viet Minh party in North Vietnam. Concerned about an escalation of communism in the region, the United States supported its allies in South Vietnam and deployed about 3,500 Marines to the country on March 8, 1965. Thousands more US combat forces followed. More than 3 million people were killed during the Vietnam War, including 58,000 Americans. Five brave men will share memories on how they courageously served alongside their fellow countrymen in the United States Armed Forces. Featuring Terry Brennan, Richard Hine, Wayne Smith, Tom Gillapsie and Dick Carr.
KOREAN VETS: Stories of Service
Sixty-two years after the end of the Korean War, five Southwest Florida veterans share their remarkable experiences of service.  At the end of WWII, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel into Soviet (North Korean) and U.S. (South Korean) zones of occupation. In 1950, what began as a civil war between the north and south quickly escalated into an international offensive under the leadership of the United States. Casualties in the war were heavy. These elders will share memories on how they courageously served alongside their fellow countrymen in the Unites States Armed Forces. Featuring Dale Riggs, Joe L. Dinish, Grace Chicken, John Weliver and Bernie Lenhart.
WWII VETS: Stories of Service
Seventy years after the end of World War II, five Southwest Florida veterans share their incredible experiences of service.  From the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, to the Battle of Midway in the Pacific, these elders reflect on how they courageously served alongside their fellow countrymen in the United States Army and Navy.  Featuring: Peter Thomas, Harry Beeman, Newton Burdick Jr., Robert (Bob) Hilliard and Grace Chicken.

Portraits of Vietnam War Veterans

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Portraits of Korean War Veterans

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Portraits of World War II Veterans

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Quotes From WWII Veterans